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     Welcome to the Streams of Hope Foundation, Inc.

Our purpose - is to foster hope in the community.

Our mission - is to encourage, equip and empower individuals and groups through education, advocacy, encouragement and service.

'Streams of Hope' is a 501c3 non profit public charitible Christian organization reaching out to those seeking education, enrichment opportunities or encouragement.

We concentrate efforts in Southwest Georgia, Eastern Alabama and surrounding areas; identifying needs, researching and coordinating resources to serve clients. We are funded through private, public and corporate donations. Contributions are tax deductible and are accepted via cash, check, paypal and 'in kind' donations.  

We do not require membership to join us in supporting our mission efforts; only that you are interested in being a part of offering hope and healing to y/our neighbors.
Volunteers are welcome! For information about our organization call or e-mail us.

Streams of Hope Foundation, Inc.

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